Scenes from the Memorial Day Parade in downtown Bristol

PAG_6432 PAG_6451 PAG_6480 PAG_6492 PAG_6495 PAG_6504 PAG_6514 PAG_6537 PAG_6554 PAG_6571 PAG_6581 PAG_6592 PAG_6599 PAG_6603 PAG_6622 PAG_6639 PAG_6653 PAG_6665 PAG_6680 PAG_6686 PAG_6692 PAG_6714 PAG_6728 PAG_6740 PAG_6757 PAG_6774 PAG_6792 PAG_6796 PAG_6805The Bristol Memorial Day parade stepped off as schedule this morning. The more solemn of the city’s two parades — the other in Forestville was held later in the day– as usual put the focus on the city’s veterans with representatives from those who fought in World War II and onward. The parade proceeded to Memorial Boulevard to give remembrance to those in the military who gave their lives for the country.

Here is what spectators saw this morning.



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