BC boys falter against Middletown, while BC girls run away from the pack

BRISTOL – As expected, the race for the boys CCC South track championship came down to the wire.
And the Rams, needing to defeat Middletown to pick up a tie for the title, ran neck and neck with the Blue Dragons but in the end, Central came up a point short in its bid.
Middletown won the CCC South Championship on Wednesday, May 28, taking a narrow 169-168 victory over the Rams from the meet at Bristol Eastern.
On the girls end of things, Central once again ruled the South.
The Rams took the girls meet with 179.5 points, scooping up the title for the eighth consecutive season.
Unlike the boys event, with first and second place being held in the balance to the very end, Central’s girls ran away with the meet.
Berlin placed second with 133 points in the clash but it truly wasn’t that close on the girl’s end of things.
For the boys, Eastern (106.5) took third at the meet while the girls (89) captured fourth place.
For the boys, Central’s 4×800 meter relay team of Andrew Damon-Smith, Jason Zaino, Jake D’Amato, and Andrew Marcantonio won the event with a finish of 8:47.73 while Drew Lee took first in the long jump (21-11.00) and Jamill Tolliver ruled in the triple jump (43-07.00).
In the two-mile challenge, Josh Signore (10:19.78) nabbed a second place finish, Hector Ortiz was second in the long jump (19-08.00); and once again, Lee excelled in the pit and went for second in the triple jump (42.04.00).
The Rams’ 4×100 relay team of Luis Medina, Tyrice Watson, Tyler Burrow, and Keon Walton finished third in 44.97 seconds while Jevon Smith scooped up a third place finish in the 100 hurdles (16.96).
In the mile, Central’s Justin Zaino (4:36.69) went for third; Jaavon Gordon also took third in the 300 hurdles (43.94); Lee earned third in the 200 (23.72); and Josh Moxam was third in the shot put (42-08.75).
In a tie for third in the high jump, Central’s leaping duo of Ortiz and Ty Hamel (5-08.00) came away with the same completed height.
Eastern’s boys squad also saw success up and down its roster as Jorge Hernandez proved to be the man to beat in both hurdle events.
In the 100, Hernandez made a top finish of 16.50 seconds; while in the 300, his mark of 43.08 was the top of the class.
Jozef Darragjati won the 400 (51.27); Matt Parker was tops in the pole vault (11-06.00).
Eastern’s Kenny Smith took two of the three field events he participated in.
Smith was top placer in the javelin (160-00) and shot put (47-07.25) while tallying second in the discus (141-02).
The Lancers’ combination of Gavin Johnson, William King, Justin Protinick, and Jozef Darragjati took second in the 4×400 (3:33.83) while Brandon Lumbra earned second in the shot put (46-02.50).
In the 4×800, the foursome of Michael Centoni, Ken Tenan, Tony Casasanta and Max Girouard took third place with a time of 9:10.59.
At the girls meet, Central had some top place finishes as well.
Danisha Craig was tops in the 100 meters (12.85 seconds) and Michaela Bossi won the high jump (4-08.00).
Craig was also very successful in the 400 (3rd, 1:02.36) and 200 (3rd, 27.18) meter events.
The Rams’ 4×800 meter relay squad of Nadia Kreciglowa, Brooke Chawner, Hailey Peterson, and Haley Knox nabbed second (11:08.11); Esharra Walton was second in the 100 (13.10 seconds); Kreciglowa earned second in the mile (5:36.80). In the half-mile, Kreciglowa went for second as well (2:29.68).
Hannah Jones was second in two mile run (12:28.90), Erika Monslave placed second in the javelin (95-00), Hailey Peterson took second in the high jump (4-06.00), and Megan Heffernan was runner up in the triple jump (33-10.50) for Central.
Cydney Martin was third in the javelin (84-11). Rileigh Luba took third in the 300 hurdles (52.06). Hannah Jones seized third place in the mile run (5:39.37).
The Lancers swept the vault as Kendalyn Frawley (8-06.00), Sydney Luponio (8-00.00), and Delaney Caggiano (8-00.00) took first, second and third, respectively.
In the shot put, Jenna Rodjenski won the event with a successful make of 32-08.00.
Eastern’s 4×800 relay team of Nahndi Ali, Emily Baranowski, Kalie Pasqualicchio, and Emily Deloge made a third place finish in 11:08.11.


Girls 4×800 Meter Relay
2nd: Bristol Central (Nadia Kreciglowa, Brooke Chawner, Hailey Peterson, Haley Knox), 10:56.89
3rd: Bristol Eastern (Ali, Baranowski, Pasqua, Deloge), 11:08.11
4th: Plainville (Russell, Duncan, Lopez, Luz), 11:30.01

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay
1st: Bristol Central (Damon-Smith, Zaino, D’Amato, Marcantonio), 8:47.73
3rd: Bristol Eastern (Centony, Tenan, Casassanta, Girouard), 9:10.59
6th: Plainville (Carlone, Bandle, Irizarry, Goldsnider), 10:53.73

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay
5th: Bristol Central (Rileigh Luba, Esharra Walton, Kerri Guglietta, Alexia Kochin), 53.47 seconds
6th: Bristol Eastern (Darragjati, Thurston, Zdun, Gunn), 53.51 seconds
7th: Plainville (McCrorey, Thibodeau, Kane, Pratt), 56.97 seconds

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay
3rd: Bristol Central (Medina, Watson, Burrow, Walton), 44.97 seconds
6th: Bristol Eastern (Hernandez, Darragjati, Protinicki, Collins), 45.48 seconds
8th: Plainville (Maisonette, Boutin, Kane, Acey), 47.95 seconds

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles – Finals
4th: Kaysie Procko, Bristol Eastern, 17.93 seconds
7th: Kendalyn Frawley, Bristol Eastern, 19.40 seconds

Boys 100 Meter Hurdles – Finals
1st: Jorge Hernandez, Bristol Eastern, 16.50 seconds
3rd: Jevon Smith, Bristol Central, 16.96 seconds
4th: Jamill Tolliver, Bristol Central, 17.08 seconds
5th: Jaavon Gordon, Bristol Central, 17.16 seconds
7th: Brandon Maghini, Bristol Eastern, 18.11 seconds

Girls 100 Meter Dash
1st: Danisha Craig, Bristol Central, 12.85 seconds
2nd: Esharra Walton, Bristol Central, 13.10 seconds
3rd: Shea Echols, Plainville, 13.14 seconds

Boys 100 Meter Dash
5th: Keon Walton, Bristol Central, 11.74 seconds
7th: Dante Correa, Plainville, 11.77 seconds

Girls 1600 Meter Run (1-mile)
2nd: Nadia Kreciglowa, Bristol Central, 5:36.80
3rd: Hannah Jones, Bristol Central, 5:39.37
5th: Natalie Kreciglowa, Bristol Central, 5:55.61
6th: Angela Barton, Bristol Central, 5:56.08
8th: Emily Deloge, Bristol Eastern, 6:16.03
9th: Emily Baranowski, Bristol Eastern, 6:18.24
11th: Somer Adbelsame, Plainville, 6:47.36
12th: Nikki-Ann Duncan, Plainville, 6:56.66

Boys 1600 Meter Run (1-mile)
1st: Omar Abdelsame, Plainville, 4:30.98
3rd: Justin Zaino, Bristol Central, 4:36.69
4th: Josh Signore, Bristol Central, 4:40.98
5th: Dan Costantini, Plainville, 4:50.55
6th: Kordian Stanecki, Bristol Central, 4:50.92
11th: Anthon Casassanta, Bristol Eastern, 5:03.54
12th: Max Girouard, Bristol Eastern, 5:14.99

Girls 400 Meter Run
3rd: Danisha Craig, Bristol Central, 1:02.36
4th: Meri Darragjati, Bristol Eastern, 1:03.41
7th: Ashley Cummings, Bristol Central, 1:07.43
9th: Kerri Guglietta, Bristol Central, 1:08.17

Boys 400 Meter Run
1st: Jozef Darragjati, Bristol Eastern, 51.27
3rd: Andre Marcantonio, Bristol Central, 54.08
7th: D’Andre Conaway, Bristol Central, 54.76

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
3rd: Rileigh Luba, Bristol Central, 52.06
4th: Taylor Violette, Bristol Eastern, 53.76
5th: Elise Savino, Bristol Central, 55.16
6th: Taleah McCrorey, Plainville, 55.50
7th: Olivia Savino, Bristol Central, 57.21
8th: Alexia Kochin, Bristol Central, 58.18
9th: Kal Pasqualicchio, Bristol Eastern, 58.57
10th: Emma Andy, Plainville, 1:02.86

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
1st: Jorge Hernandez, Bristol Eastern, 43.08
3rd: Jaavon Gordon, Bristol Central, 43.94
4th: Julius Brown, Plainville, 44.12
6th: Nino Freitas, Plainville, 45.74
8th: Brandon Maghini, Bristol Eastern, 47.38

Girls 1/2 Mile Run
2nd: Nadia Kreciglowa, Bristol Central, 2:29.68
4th: Hailey Peterson, Bristol Central, 2:34.64
6th: Haley Knox, Bristol Central, 2:41.91
7th: Emily Deloge, Bristol Eastern, 2:47.29
8th: Nahndi Ali, Bristol Eastern, 2:48.42
11th: Liz Tata, Plainville, 2:59.03

Boys 1/2 Mile Run
1st: Quentin Lux, Plainville, 2:00.61
4th: Justin Zaino, Bristol Central, 2:04.83
5th: Andre Damon-Smith, Bristol Central, 2:06.99
7th: Jason Zaino, Bristol Central, 2:12.85
9th: Kenny Tenan, Bristol Eastern, 2:17.69
10th: Max Girouard, Bristol Eastern, 2:19.66
12th: Ryan Sifuentes, Plainville, 2:20.73

Girls 200 Meter Dash
2nd: Shea Echols, Plainville, 27.16
3rd: Danisha Craig, Bristol Central, 27.18
8th: Esharra Walton, Bristol Central, 28.34
11th: Vanesa Floyd, Bristol Eastern, 29.05
13th: Ciera Thurston, Bristol Eastern, 29.50
16th: Sarah Kuczenski, Bristol Central, 29.96
18th: Eric Kane, Plainville, 32.38

Boys 200 Meter Dash
3rd: Drew Lee, Bristol Central, 23.72
4th: Tyrice Watson, Bristol Central, 23.81
9th: Dante Correa, Plainville, 24.20
14th: Kareem Davis, Bristol Central, 24.75
15th: Dante Collins, Bristol Eastern, 25.26
20th: Gavin Johnson, Bristol Eastern, 26.19
21st: Jesus Jiminez, Plainville, 26.56

Girls Two-Mile Run
2nd: Hannah Jones, Bristol Central, 12:28.90
3rd: Nadia Kreciglowa, Bristol Central, 12:29.19
5th: Angela Barton, Bristol Central, 12:59.13
6th: Natali Kreciglowa, Bristol Central, 13:02.31
7th: Emily Baranowski, Bristol Eastern, 13:50.90
9th: Nina Pasqua, Bristol Eastern, 14:33.66
11th: Liz Tata, Plainville, 14:51.73
12th: Stephanie Tata, Plainville, 14:53.17

Boys Two-Mile Run
1st: Omar Abdelsame, Plainville, 10:12.44
2nd: Josh Signore, Bristol Central, 10:19.78
4th: Matt Varnum, Bristol Central, 10:37.36
7th: Anthony Casassanta, Bristol Eastern, 11:06.02

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay
4th: Bristol Central (Cummings, Guglietta, Knox, Kuczenski), 4:33.22
5th: Bristol Eastern (Darragjati, Caggiano, Floyd, Lewandoski), 4:33.91
6th: Plainville (Acey, Kane, King, Lux)

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay
1st: Plainville (Brown, Correa, Boutin, Lux), 3:32.53
2nd: Bristol Eastern (Johnson, King, Protinick, Darragjati), 3:33.83
4th: Bristol Central (Damon-Smith, Zaino, conaway, Marcantonio), 3:36.42

Girls Javelin
2nd: Erika Monsalve, Bristol Central, 95-00
3rd: Cydney Martin, Bristol Central, 84-11
6th: Michelle Thibodeau, Plainville, 78-06
8th: Ashley Cummings, Bristol Central, 75-08
9th: Kristy Lescrynski, Bristol Eastern, 74-07
10th: Jenna Rodjenski, Bristol Eastern, 72-09
11th: Megan Delana, Plainville, 70-08 

Boys Javelin
1st: Kenny Smith, Bristol Eastern, 160-00
3rd: Alec Maisonette, Plainville, 140-03
4th: Brendan West, Plainville, 131-11
5th: Josh Moxam, Bristol Central, 125-11
7th: Adam Flores, Bristol Central, 120-02
13th: Dean Pierce, Bristol Eastern, 105-03

Girls Discus
4th: Morgan LaCombe, Plainville, 80-07
6th: Paisley Trucker, Bristol Eastern, 76-02
7th: Jenna Rodjenski, Bristol Eastern, 75-09
10th: Megan Delana, Plainville, 68-05
13th: Cydney Martin, Bristol Central, 63-11
14th: Erika Monslave, Bristol Central, 62-10

Boy Discus
2nd: Kenny Smith, Bristol Eastern, 141-02
7th: Shayne Harris, Bristol Eastern, 104-02
10th: Tyler Boi, Bristol Central, 97-08
11th: Brendan West, Plainville, 94-07
12th: Chris Nizielski, Bristol Central, 93-02
14th: Jalees Sherwani, Plainville, 86-10

Girls Shot Put
1st: Jenna Rodjenski, Bristol Eastern, 32-08.00
7th: Chyna Barrette, Bristol Eastern, 27-05.00
11th: Megan Farmer, Plainville, 26-05.00
12th: Lauren Acey, Plainville, 26-02.25
13th: Cydney Martin, Bristol Central, 24-04.75
15th: Erika Monsalve, Bristol Central, 23-10.00

Boys Shot Put
1st: Kenny Smith, Bristol Eastern, 47-07.25
2nd: Brandon Lumbra, Bristol Eastern, 46-02.50
3rd: Josh Moxam, Bristol Central, 42-08.75
6th: Shayne Harris, Bristol EAstern, 41-01.75
12th: Austin Rollins, Bristol Central, 36-06.00
13th: Brendan West, Plainville, 33-10.00
14th: Jacob Irizarry, Plainville, 27-10.25

Girls High Jump
1st: Michaela Bossi, Bristol Central, 4-08.00
2nd: Hailey Peterson, Bristol Central, 4-06.00
4th: Cierra Carrillo, Bristol Eastern, 4-06.00
6th: Chyna Barrett, Bristol Eastern, 4-06.00
8th: Heisuleima Amparo, Bristol Central, 4-02.00
9th: Michelle Thibodeau, Plainville, 4-00.00
10th: Kacey Mahen, Plainville, 4-00.00

Boys High Jump
3rd: Hector Ortiz, Bristol Central, 5-08.00
3rd: Ty Hamel, Bristol Central, 5-08.00
8th: Keon Walton, Bristol Central, 5-04.00
9th: Dimery Thurston, Bristol Eastern, 5-04.00

Girls Long Jump
5th: Megan Heffernan, Bristol Central, 14-09.00
6th: Amanda Zdun, Bristol Eastern, 14-04.25
8th: Gianna D’Amato, Bristol Eastern, 13-07.00
10th: Emma Andy, Plainville, 11-00.00

Boys Long Jump
1st: Drew Lee, Bristol Central, 21-11.00
2nd: Hector Ortiz, Bristol Central, 19-08.00
8th: Nick Lestini, Plainville, 17-02.00

Girls Triple Jump
2nd: Megan Heffernan, Bristol Central, 33-10.50
5th: Shea Echols, Plainville, 32-05.75
6th: Michaela Bossi, Bristol Central, 32-01.50
7th: Rileigh Luba, Bristol Central, 30-03.50
8th: Elise Savino, Bristol Central, 29-01.50
10th: Gianna D’Amato, Bristol Eastern, 28-06.00 

Boys Triple Jump
1st: Jamill Tolliver, Bristol Central, 43-07.00
2nd: Drew Lee, Bristol Central, 42-04.00
5th: Hector Ortiz, Bristol Central, 39-00.00

Girls Pole Vault
1st: Kendalyn Frawley, Bristol Eastern, 8-06.00
2nd: Sydney Luponio, Bristol Eastern, 8-00.00
3rd: Delaney Caggiano, Bristol Eastern, 8-00.00
5th: Trenessa Rioux, Bristol Central, 6-06.00
6th: Megan Heffernan, Bristol Central, 6-06.00

Boys Pole Vault
1st: Matt Parker, Bristol Eastern, 11-06.00
5th: Jeston White, Bristol Eastern, 10-00.00
8th: Matt Pitman, Bristol Central, 10-00.00
9th: Greg Sileo, Plainville, 10-00.00
10th: Tyler Czuprinski, Plainville, 9-00.00
11th: Ben Marcil, Bristol Central, 9-00.00 

Bristol Central High School’s Andrew Damon-Smith, a juniors runs 4 by 8 race in the CCC South championship track and field meet at Bristol Central last Wednesday.

Bristol Central High School’s Andrew Damon-Smith, a juniors runs 4 by 8 race in the CCC South championship track and field meet at Bristol Central last Wednesday.