Artistic style springs eternal

EBO_0496 EBO_0203 EBO_0205 EBO_0238 EBO_0246 EBO_0251 EBO_0255 EBO_0260 EBO_0271 EBO_0276 EBO_0278 EBO_0281 EBO_0287 EBO_0293 EBO_0299 EBO_0314 EBO_0322 EBO_0326 EBO_0332 EBO_0340 EBO_0351 EBO_0359 EBO_0365 EBO_0369 EBO_0374 EBO_0376 EBO_0383 EBO_0387 EBO_0397 EBO_0402 EBO_0408 EBO_0410 EBO_0418 EBO_0420 EBO_0422 EBO_0428 EBO_0439 EBO_0445 EBO_0451 EBO_0466 EBO_0468 EBO_0483 EBO_0485 EBO_0487On Saturday, Ebony Amber Designs debuted its Eternalism collection in a fund raiser for the Make A Wish Foundation at Coe Memorial Park Civic Center in Torrington. For a video of the fashion event, courtesy of Ebony Amber Designs, go to


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