String of robberies reported; committed while residents are asleep

A string of burglaries, apparently committed by the same person and committed while residents are sleeping, has caught the attention of law enforcement.

The Bristol Police Department Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating several residential burglaries. Police said these burglaries have occurred in the area between Jerome Avenue and Mix Street, and were reported on June 16, 17 and 18.

Police said all the burglaries appear to have been committed by the same person or persons based on the location and method of operation.

Police said the homes were entered through a window after the screen was either cut or removed. The burglaries have taken place during the overnight hours while the residents are home and asleep. In at least two of the burglaries, the suspect entered the room the homeowner was sleeping in and stole items within that room.

The items stolen include money, pocketbooks, and credit cards. The burglaries have occurred on Dorothy Road, Vincent Road, and Barbara Road.