Police issue summons after child left in car

As reports of adults leaving children or animals in hot vehicles continue to dot the news, Bristol has joined the headlines.
Last Wednesday, police reported that officers were sent to 60 Middle St. on a report of a child left alone in a car. Upon arrival, police said officers found an 11-year-old child alone in a vehicle, which was not running and had the windows up. The outside temperature was approximately 85 degrees at the time, said police.
Police said the officers opened the door and were met by a “very responsive, not in distress juvenile.” The interior of the car was not excessively hot, added police.
The juvenile told officers that she had requested to stay in the car while her mother went inside a store, said police. The mother, Christina Williams, 30, was located in the store and repeated what her daughter had told the officers, said police.
Police subsequently issued a misdemeanor summons for Leaving a Child Unsupervised in a Motor Vehicle, (Ct. General Statute 53-21a), with a court date in Bristol Superior Court of July 21.