Event expected to share, give a little ‘Flavor’ of Bristol

“Foodies” may be flocking to Bristol this September, when a new event highlighting restaurants from the city and beyond will take place.
During a meet-up last Tuesday at Parkside Café, Bristol Rising announced the launch of “Flavor’d Food Fest: A Taste of Bristol and Beyond.” According to a press release from Bristol Rising, Food Fest will focus on food entirely, featuring dishes from Bristol restaurants and organizations as well as other restaurants from the region and state. Community Liaison of Bristol Rising Mark Walerysiak said the event will celebrate Bristol food and its culinary gems.
“It’s going to be all about food from the tasting portion to food product being sold to farmer’s market type atmosphere to programming too,” said Walerysiak, adding the event was made possible by the amount of vendor support. “We want to show that we have places, we have gems…we have culinary assets that are worth people’s time and money cause they’re great.”
Event Committee member Terry Lugo, who also is the co-owner of Barley Vine, shared in a press release from Bristol Rising about how the event formed.
“There’s this perception amongst some that Bristol doesn’t have many places to eat,” Lugo said in the release. “We don’t believe that, and Flavor’d Food Fest will help show Bristol has many quality restaurants, and places that specialize in some amazing items, and it’s our intention to allow them the platform to be known to the world.”
Walerysiak added he hopes Flavor’d Food Fest will become a success similar the Pop Up Piazza event that took place in 2011. The Pop Up Piazza brought at least 15,000 guests to Bristol, showing the possibility of a future “bustling” downtown, said Walerysiak.
“We can do the same with this event, while we celebrate what we have now, we can also celebrate what’s coming in that expected future culinary environment—that’s where the ‘Bristol and Beyond’ comes from,” said Walerysiak, noting that not every vendor will come from Bristol.
Flavor’d Food Fest will take place Saturday, Sept. 13 between 2 and 8:30 p.m. on Riverside Avenue Extension  as well as parts of Depot Square in downtown Bristol. The rain date is Sept. 14. Ticket sales will be available at the event, which will also feature programming, live music and more.
Walerysiak said all costs of the event will be donated to the four museums downtown: The New England Carousel Museum, The American Clock and Watch Museum, Imagine Nation, and the Bristol Historical Society.
“We think it could be a great benefit culturally to us on many different levels,” said Walerysiak, adding how the hopes the event will offer visitors a culinary perception of Bristol.
For more information, visit bristolrising.com/flavord or http:// bristolrising.com/2014/07/25/bristol-rising-thrilled-to-announce-flavord-food-fest-for-september/.
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