Volunteers sought for hospice of Bristol Hospital

The Hospice of Bristol Hospital is looking for individuals who are interested in joining its team as hospice volunteers. Individuals in volunteer roles have the chance to interact with patients for a variety of reasons. Hospice volunteers provide companionship to the hospital’s patients, while supporting caregivers and their families.
You do not need a specialized skill to become a hospice volunteer. Hospice volunteers are adults with varied backgrounds and interests.
Some volunteers have a special talent that enhances the life of patients. Massage therapists, REIKI practitioners, those who are multi-lingual, artists, and musicians volunteer their time to improve a patient’s outlook.
Volunteers visit with patients at assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, independent living communities, private homes, or hospitals. 
Volunteers are required to complete a 16-hour orientation training and are provided 12 additional hours per year of in-service continuing education. These educational requirements are essential for volunteers to understand the importance of enriching the lives of patients receiving hospice care.
For more information or to sign up for the 16-hour orientation training, contact Betty Burgess, hospice volunteer coordinator, at (860)585-4752 or email Betty at bburgess@bristolhospital.org.