Candidate Michalik addresses jobs numbers

In a press release, State Senate candidate Rob Michalik spoke about the new jobs numbers for Connecticut from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“Though the private sector grew jobs for the seventh consecutive month and unemployment remained unchanged, Connecticut’s economy actually shed 3,600 non-farm jobs in August. These numbers are disappointing, to say the least. We have to do better,” said Michalik in his statement.

“To me, there can be no sustainable recovery from the latest downturn in the economy unless we strengthen our middle class. That requires creating more good-paying jobs,” said Michalik in the release. “When I am in the senate, I’ll use my experience in economic development to fight to hold the line on spending and taxes, reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, and make higher education and job training more affordable. With finite resources and some tough decisions ahead, it won’t be easy, but I am confident that we can position Connecticut for strong economic growth and job creation once again.”