Fashionably compassionate: Local designer helps the whales

There was compassion, passion, and fashion in the air at a recent fund raiser in New London featuring local fashion designer Rachel DeCavage.
DeCavage, a Southington resident and the driving force behind Cinder and Salt, was the focus of the Wild Oceans Benefit Fashion Show to help Cetacean Society International with its mission.
CSI is, according to its website, “an all-volunteer, non-profit conservation, education and research organization working on behalf of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their marine environment.”
Materials from CSI explain, “Never before have cetaceans faced so many threats to their survival.”
At the event, DeCavage, who is on the board of CSI, was joined in attendance by fellow board members, who all demonstrate a passion for CSI’s mission of protecting whales and other cetaceans.
For instance, CSI’s president A. Daniel Knaub, through his business  Whale Video Company, hours and hours of filmed footage of whales he hopes to have digitized and donated to a university for use for research across the globe.
Paul Knapp Jr., an alternate board member, sailed up for the fund raiser from the warm waters of the Caribbean, where he spends his days accumulating hours and hours of tapes of the songs of whales.
The Wild Ocean fund raiser, which was held at New London’s Customs House Maritime Museum featured three categories of DeCavage’s fashion designs. There was trashion, which fit the theme of keeping trash out of the waters where it could harm the whales. There was casual wear featuring DeCavage’s t-shirts with a theme of whales (a portion of the sales go to CSI). And the show featured the Southington resident’s take on a ballroom wear.
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