Letter: Reader asks community to support Artist Tree

To the editor:
Did you know that if each resident in Connecticut spent a dollar a year more on local businesses instead of chain stores it would put an extra $3 million a year into our economy, and if people spent two dollars more a year it would put an extra S6 million a year into our economy and so on and so forth. You do the multiplication. Not only that, but it would create 1,000 or more jobs a year, so I beg you to please make this so-meaningful small sacrifice to support our local businesses.
The purpose of this letter is to encourage my great and personal friend Dori, who is the owner of a small business called The Artist Tea Tree House, where all her time and effort and knowledge and wisdom goes into running the business. The Artist Tea Tree House is struggling and so is Dori. But the place is alive. I visited her one Thursday night recently, on drum roll night, when a chubby and jolly person leads the random people. I thought it was a professional band or group of people who had been working together for years, and they replied they were just regular people who came and joined and simply followed the leader of the drum roll. So I gladly joined in and sang Indian sounding chants that reminded me of John Muir, naturalist and author, who noted an old Indian woman at the top of a high rock face cliff as she shouted out an Indian chant over Yosemite Park for the last time, because shortly afterwards she passed to the next world.
And here are Dori and The Art Tea Tree House giving those chants new life right here in Bristol.
So I wanted to encourage Dori. Psalm 47:4 says, take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Also, trust in the lord and not in the powers of your understanding, Christ came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.
Dori has given all of her time and energy towards the ATTH to expose the artists, writers, poets, musicians and people who have creative minds and an untapped talent, a place where people such as myself was allowed to be the first to display my art so people in this community could get glimpse me in a different light, the true light of what my calling is, and why I was put on this earth, to put a smile on a child’s face as I did with my niece and her Korean students, where I did pastels of all her students and they sent me back a video singing a song where I did not understand one word until the end and when they shouted out in harmony, “Gary, you are awesome.”
And that is my reward where you cannot put a price on it, and now today because of places such as The Artist Tea Tree House, where I was made to shine like Johnny Depp on the red carpet, because that is what it seemed like when I had my first exhibit there where my high school friends showed up and my family supported me and were proud to be with me, taking photographs together, with the Blue Cherry Band who played awesome good ole time music from the ‘70s, and with a handful of Christians who did prison ministry and who remembered my testimony and how I encouraged so many others that shared that painful and destructive life that I went through for many years of my life.
My purpose for writing this letter, then, is to keep Dori above water. On behalf of Dori, owner of the ATTH, I pray that God will make a way for Dori to continue entering into the adventurous dreams of running her business and summon glimmers of hope for her through all the years to come. Dori, don’t worry be happy. God is with you, who in this world can be against you if God is with you?
Gary Fortier