GOP councilors offer their view on Depot Square

On Oct. 2, GOP Council Caucus issued official statement on the Depot Square project.

The Depot Square project is currently in the hands of the Bristol Downtown Development Corp. as it has been over the last several years. A project decision schedule has been outlined and adhered to, and that process will continue to be followed.

While we appreciate our Democratic council colleagues offering their opinions on the project in public, we are refraining from issuing a public position on the project until the BDDC makes their final recommendation to the city council, thereby placing the authority in the City Council’s hands to render a decision. In the interest of good faith negotiations and contractual agreements, this is the process that must be followed, has been followed, and will continue to be followed.

The beliefs we can share with the public regarding the project are the following:

  • We believe that redeveloping downtown is a crucial part of the city’s long-term financial viability, economic growth, and image.
  • We believe in fiscal conservatism and ensuring that current and future generations are not being saddled with unaffordable tax liabilities.
  • We believe that the public should have input in the final decision, particularly if government or taxpayer dollars are to be used.

This is where we currently stand, and as we’ve said, once every option is explored and the BDDC offers its final recommendations, the public will be informed of the details and options, public feedback will be requested through a variety of means, and our opinions will be detailed for our constituents.

Ken Cockayne, mayor of Bristol

Eric Carlson, city council – District 1

Henri Martin, city council – District 2

Richard Miecznikowski, city council – District 2