Fire report for Oct. 3

The Bristol Fire Department reported the following incidents last week.

Sept. 19
130 Goerge St., good intent call, other.
41 Brewster Rd., unintentional transmission of alarm, other.
486 Barlow St., fuel burner/boiler malfunction, fire confined.
Lakeside Drive and Ebert Drive, electrical wiring/equipment problem, other.
39 Washington St., water problem, other.
267 Main St., lock-out.

Sept. 20
Martino’s, 948 Terryville Ave., combustible/flammable gas/liquid condition, other.
84 Bartholomew St., lock-out.
CVS, 839 Farmington Ave., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
462 Broad St., hazmat release investigation without hazmat.
285 Old Orchard Rd., unintentional transmission of alarm, other.

Sept. 21
Binswanger Glass, 161 Park St., alarm system due to malfunction.
1469 Farmington Ave., smoke from barbecue, tar kettle.
Pine St. and Birch St., electrical wiring/equipment problem, other.
Greene Hills School, 748 Pine St., EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury.

Sept. 22
59 Westchester Dr., CO detector activation due to malfunction.
Country Lane and Carriage Rd., power line down.
Family Center, 47 Upson Rd., false alarm or false call, other.
325 Oakland St., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
B.A.R.C., 621 Jerome Ave., cooking fire, confined to container.

Sept. 23
480 Woodland St., lock-out.
22 Sylvester St., gas leak (natural gas or LPG).
Ingraham Manor, 400 North Main St., arcing, shorted electrical equipment.
330 Middle St., gasoline or other flammable liquid spill.
Cindy Lane and Burlington Ave., electrical wiring/equipment problem, other.

Sept. 24
121 King St., carbon monoxide incident.
Taco Bell, 1250 Farmington Ave., lock-out.
20 Elberta st., hazardous condition, other.
170 Blakeslee St., smoke detector activation, no fire.
36 Bellevue Ave., cooking fire, confined to container.

Sept. 25
CVS, 59 North Main St., lock-out.
155 Louisiana Ave., power line down.bristol fire dept patch