Burlington Ave. man accused of attempting break-in at neighborhood biz

Police arrested a local man on burglary charges for an attempted break-in at a convenience store about a tenth of a mile from where he lives.

Jesse R. Doak, 22, of 268 Burlington Ave. in Bristol was charged with criminal attempt at burglary third degree, criminal attempt at larceny sixth degree, interfering with an officer, criminal mischief second degree, and possession of burglar tools.

Police said they received a complaint at about 11:49 p.m. on Monday about a suspicious person on the property of the LH Mart, 198 Burlington Ave.  Upon arrival, police said, the officers located a male, dressed in a black-colored hooded sweatshirt, attempting to conceal himself in a darkened corner of the business.

Police said that upon the officers shining their flashlights on this male he began to run. The officers shouted for this male to stop however kept running until he tripped, fell to the ground, and eventually surrendered.

Police said the male was identified as Doak. Further investigation by officers revealed that Doak had attempted to break into the LH Mart, said police.

Doak was held on a $5,000 bond pending his arraignment at G.A. 17, the Superior Court in Bristol on Tuesday morning.

Additional investigation revealed that Doak was involved in another burglary at a vegetable garden as well

Doak also was charged with those crimes.

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