West Bristol KIM celebrate wolves; Wolf Central presents program in Plantsville Oct. 15

The Kids in the Middle, a group of community service-minded middle school students, are hosting a month-long celebration of school spirit at West Bristol School. Wolf Month is an opportunity for the School to have fun and learn about their mascot, the wolf, said a press release from the school.

K.I.M. students, in partnership with the local non-profit Wolf Central, are planning and hosting several activities that are generously sponsored by the West Bristol PTO. West Bristol students can look forward to a fundraiser for a wolf mascot costume, a wolf-themed movie night, Wolfie Wednesday spirit days, and two educational assemblies featuring real, live wolves.

“When K.I.M. started at West Bristol, we wanted to do something to enhance school spirit,” commented K.I.M. Director, Alli Leake in a press release. “By focusing on the school’s mascot, the wolf, students connect with their school community. We hope this helps develop a strong sense of identity for this new school. Partnering with Wolf Central in order to learn more about our school’s mascot was a natural fit.”

Ruth Stanley, co-founder of Wolf Central remarked in the school press release, “It is encouraging to see young people get interested and excited about wolves. These students are the future for the environment.”

The press release said Wolf Central was able to connect K.I.M. with other wildlife non-profits to provide educational programs. Grade K to 4 students will get a program from the N.Y. Conservation Center. Students in grades 5 to 8 get to experience the Mission:Wolf Ambassador Wolf program. These educational programs will give the students a chance to meet live wolves and learn more about the plight of the gray wolf.

The public is invited to a special presentation of the Mission:Wolf Ambassador Wolf Program that Wolf Central is offering on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 5:30 p.m. or 8 p.m. at Kennedy Middle School in Plantsville. Contact Ruth Stanley at Wolf Central at (860)628-6558 or info@wolfcentral.org for more information and ticket prices.

Another highlight of Wolf Month is the Movie Night, said the release. Not only will students get to watch a fun, wolf-themed movie, but they will also be able to get their photo taken with the new wolf mascot costume that Wolf Central is sharing with West Bristol School. When the mascot debuts at the movie night, its winning name, which students voted on, will be revealed for the first time.