Michalik’s campaign reports on education forum

State Senate candidate Rob Michalik touted his plan to invest in education and provide every child with high-quality early learning experiences at a forum on education sponsored by the Bristol Early Childhood Alliance that was held on Oct. 15, said a press release from his campaign..

“Experts agree that early childhood education programs ensure that students arrive in school ready to learn, reduce behavioral problems and increase high school graduation rates,” said Michalik in the press release. “Great schools and great teachers can unlock doors of opportunity for students as they go onto college or enter the job market. We need to ensure that we have a highly-educated workforce if we are to grow the economy in this state.”

In his campaign news release, Michalik contrasted his record on education with that of his opponent, Henri Martin. Michalik noted that Martin was the lone ‘no’ vote against a bipartisan city budget that passed in May, because Martin wanted cuts to education. “I am all for holding the line on taxes, but we need to prioritize education funding, not cut it,” said Michalik in his press release.