Letter: Candidate Wright responds to Pavalock profile

To the editor:
In last week’s paper, my opponent (Republican Cara Pavalock) stated that I supported a bill that would have reduced the zone for enhanced penalties for selling drugs around schools. This accusation is blatantly false.  What I did do was vote for an amendment which changed the wording of the bill from establishing a 200 foot zone to 300 feet. I did this because sometimes when you have a bad bill in front of you, you support amendments that weaken that bill in case it passes. However, at no time did I ever support the original concept of reducing the zone at all and in fact, due to the opposition of myself and other legislators, the bill was pulled from consideration and never even came up for a vote. Like all of the residents of Bristol, I am concerned about the activities of drug dealers, particularly around our children, and would never support this kind of legislation.
My record of honest, straightforward communications with the people of Bristol speaks for itself. In all of my campaigns, I have never engaged in negative attacks, especially those with no basis in fact, and I am disappointed that my opponent has chosen to do so.
Chris Wright
Democratic incumbent for state representative in the 77th districtletters to the editor