Planning commission surveying city residents for week, starting Nov. 7

As part of the process of preparing a long‐term strategic plan for the city, the Planning Commission is sponsoring a telephone survey of Bristol residents.

Over 400 randomly selected Bristol residents will have the opportunity to participate and share their views about important issues. Phone calls are expected to begin on Friday, Nov. 7 and be completed by Friday, Nov. 14. You may receive a call on either your landline or cell phone. If you receive a call on your cellphone while you are out, let the caller know and they will be happy set up a time to call back.

The survey questions have been designed to help the Planning Commission better understand the opinions of Bristol residents about a variety of long‐term conservation, development, and infrastructure issues affecting the city. The survey will provide an opportunity for Bristol residents to identify issues of concern to them. The results of the survey will be integrated into the Plan of Conservation and Development, which is slated for adoption in 2015.

A Plan of Conservation and Development is an advisory document used by the Planning Commission and other city agencies to:

Protect the resources important to residents

Guide growth and change in Bristol

Identify facilities and services needed to support the community we want to be.

Bristol residents who are contacted are encouraged to participate. The caller ID will display “Great Blue Research”. If no one answers, the surveyors will leave a message indicating they will call back. If three calls go unanswered, another Bristol telephone number will be randomly selected.

The survey is intended to reflect the age and geographic composition of the city.bristol city seal