Water alert from city

The mayor’s office posted this alert from the water superintendent.

“The Bristol Water Department has a Water Main Break near 276 Ivy Drive. Crews are on site and will need to shut the water off on Ivy Drive in the next few hours. We anticipate this leak will take a minimum 6 hours to repair. Traffic may be reduced to an alternating pattern while crews work to repair the leak.

“Homes along Ivy Drive, Marcia Drive, Kimberly Lane, Couture Drive and in the surrounding area may be affected by this shut down. We do not anticipate this shutdown affecting the Ivy Drive School.

“Residents in the area may experience discolored water as a result of the leak. We ask that if you live in the area to refrain from doing any laundry until after the discolored water is flushed out of the system. We will continue to update our Facebook page as needed throughout the day if situations change. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during this Emergency Construction.”

Robert J. Longo Superintendent