Rep. Betts comments on Tenet’s rebuff of governor’s overtures

Hartford, CT – State Representative Whit Betts (R-Bristol, Plymouth), released the following statement today regarding Governor Dannel Malloy’s recent comments on Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s decision to forego the opportunity to purchase several Connecticut non-profit hospitals in a joint venture, Bristol Hospital being one of them.

A release from his office quoted Betts,“The decision by Tenet Healthcare to reject an offer by Governor Malloy to re-engage in discussion to purchase five non-profit hospitals in Connecticut was predictable and justified. Based on comments from the affected hospitals, the Connecticut Hospital Industry, and other reactions from around the country to the unrealistic conditions recommended by Office of Health Care Access, it is obvious that a for-profit hospital was not welcomed into our state to do business.

“Tenet Healthcare’s offer to these hospitals provided hope, excitement, and significant financial benefits to the staff, administrators, and property taxpayers from the communities of these hospitals. My understanding is the debt of these hospitals would have been paid off, significant investments would have been made to upgrade the hospitals, and municipalities would have received millions of dollars in new property taxes.

“In my view, it is wrong for state bureaucracy to undermine the efforts of hospitals to make themselves financially strong, and to fulfill their mission of providing the best possible care to local families and taxpayers.

“Based on the current attitude and behavior of this administration, why would any for-profit hospital want to do business in our state?”

Whit Betts

Whit Betts