Five new title holders join city’s landscape

There are five new faces wearing crowns in the village of Forestville and the city of Bristol as of Saturday night.
On Saturday at Chippens Hill Middle School, The Miss Bristol-Forestville Scholarship Program crowned its title holders for 2015. Jillian Duffy was crowned Miss Forestville. Gina Salvatore was crowned Miss Bristol. Jaymie Bianca was crowned Miss Forestville’s Outstanding Teen. Amanda Morelli was crowned Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen. And Samantha Anderson is the new Miss Mum City’s Outstanding Teen. All will compete in the Miss Connecticut and Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen pageants (which are preliminaries for the Miss America Organization’s national pageants) this June in New London.
Jillian, the new Miss Forestville, rose through the ranks of pageants in the city.
“It’s amazing,” said Jillian when she was asked how she felt. “I started off as Little Miss Bristol when I was 8 then Miss Mum then Miss Forestville’s Outstanding Teen and now Miss Forestville. I feel as if I have evolved, I have grown up with this organization…. I’ve grown up in the city of Bristol… It’s just a warm community. I love being a part of it. I feel that everywhere I go, I can just be myself. I love it. And I keep coming back.”
As the year proceeds, Jillian said, “Being a Miss is a big step for me. I really want to work with the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and do more with them. I’m also excited about going to Miss Connecticut, with my sister (Allison). She won one of the teen titles (Miss Southington’s Outstanding Teen) and that will be a new experience.”
“It feels absolutely amazing,” said Gina about her new title following the pageant. “I really didn’t think it was me for this pageant. I’m very excited to be your new Miss Bristol… Hopefully, I get to go to ESPN. I really hope that can be a thing. I’m so excited.”
As for the year ahead, Gina said, “I’m really looking forward to getting involved in the community. I’ve seen Liz (Wong, the 2014 Miss Bristol) and Molly (Westfall, the 2014 Miss Forestville), as title holders get so involved. So I really want to love this community as much and maybe more than they did.”
Jaymie said winning the crown “feels like a dream. I feel so blessed and so honored. I didn’t think I’d get it all. I am completely excited to be Miss Forestville’s Outstanding Teen.”
Jaymie said she is looking forward to continuing her efforts to promote her platform, “Providing Sports and Recreational Opportunities for Special Needs Children.” She explained, “I’ve been promoting my platform since I was 8 years old and I can’t wait to continue. And I can’t wait to create lifelong memories with these girls (the new titleholders).”
After the pageant, Amanda said winning the title “feels outstanding. It’s unexplainable. I can’t believe I got it.”
“I’m looking forward to making Bristol proud,” said Amanda, “and setting a good example and being good role model for the many citizens.”
Samantha said, “I’m completely excited (about winning). I’m ready to begin my job as Miss Mum City’s Outstanding Teen.”
Samantha said as her reign begins, “Not only am I ready to promote my platform but I’m ready to inform the people of Bristol and Forestville about the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals (the official platform for the Miss American Organization) and the importance of donating to them.”
Other awards also were distributed last night.
First runner-up for the Miss title was Kaitlyn Bogue.
Miss Congeniality in the teen category went to Taylor Plourd. Miss Congeniality for the miss category went to Katie Kelly.
The teen talent award went to Plourd. The Miss talent award went to Bogue.
Also competing in the Miss competition were Alissa Parlante, Jennifer Binversie, Courtney Ouellette, and Cheyenne O’Donnell.
Also competing in the teen category were Emma Guilmette, Leanne Raymond, Morgan Veronesi, and Ariana Puglisi.
In addition to crowning new representatives for the city, the pageant also said farewell to its 2014 representatives: Miss Forestville Molly Westfall, Miss Bristol Liz Wong, Miss Forestville’s Outstanding Teen Erika Farrell, Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen Amber Ouellette, and Miss Plainville’s Outstanding Teen Brooke Murdock.

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