Mayor of Greenville, N.C. to talk economic development at chamber breakfast

The owners of Barley Vine, Terry and Victor Lugo, have teamed with the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce to promote a positive discussion of how to economically develop Bristol by enlisting a friend of the Lugos, Mayor Allen Thomas of Greenville, North Carolina, to share his experience of how he helped turn a town with similar struggles to Bristol, into a booming business and economic environment, attracting over $100 million in private invest-ment and being nationally designated as fourth fastest growing city, ninth best performing small city, and 27th best small city for business and career..
Thomas, who will be in Connecticut visiting the Lugos, has offered to share his insights at an Economic Development Breakfast to be held at Barley Vine on Feb. 5 from 9 to 10:30 a.m., to discuss Greenville’s paths to success that may resonate with Bristol businesses and community at large.
“I had the pleasure of working with Mayor Thomas in one of his entrepreneurial ventures for 10 years,” said Lugo in a press release. “During this time, I saw firsthand Mayor Thomas’s strategic approach to problem solving and have been following Greenville’s progress and thought he can bring interesting perspectives on propelling a whole city further down the economic develop-ment path to prosperity.”
Thomas has led the economic development charge in Greenville for the past five years, and is realizing the benefits of a strategic plan geared toward economic development and job growth.
Thomas’ business and government background led him to develop a non-profit called Uptown Greenville, whose efforts have secured more than $50 million in private investment and in-creased the annual visitor’s rate by 14%. Uptown Greenville has helped add dozens of new lo-cally owned and operated small businesses, generating jobs and increased economic conditions in the city for all to enjoy.
Thomas is a graduate of Eastern Carolina University with an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and also a business owner and co-founder of IQMax Inc. a Charlotte, NC based mobile medical software company.
Thomas will speak on his experience working on private and public sector issues in government, helping guide complex initiatives through political red tape, and how Greenville was able to at-tract jobs, increase business, and recruit bio-science companies and other industry.
Thomas will be joining the Economic Development Breakfast scheduled for Feb. 5 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at Barley Vine, 182 Main St, Bristol, CT.
Admission is $10 and includes breakfast and a non-alcoholic beverage.