Art students honored in Bristol

Bristol was well-represented in the 26th annual Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards, the largest juried student art exhibition in the state.

It is an affiliate of the National Scholastic Art Awards and The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. The top award Gold Key winners from each national region will have their art works reviewed by a blue ribbon panel of judges at the National level in March. Select National winners will be exhibited in New York City during June.

The artwork of Brianna Ogonowski, Molyna Tep. and Marissa Stone will represent Bristol.

Bristol Public Schools students earned 16 awards in the 26th annual Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards competition and exhibition at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

The Bristol award winners follow:


Bristol Central High

Kaitlyn Zukowski, Printmaking, City Night, Silver Key, Leslie Fernandez


Bristol Eastern High School

Tia Burey, Ceramics and Glass, Holding Hands, Honorable Mention, Kristine Monaco

Allison Santiago, Painting, Hexagon Pattern, Honorable Mention, John Morfis

Ali Wrisley, Ceramics and Glass, Sgraffito Pinch Pot, Honorable Mention, Deborah Thaler

Kira Carpenter, Drawing and Illustration, Untitled, Honorable Mention, Sharon Williams  


Chippens Hill Middle School

Connor Errato, Drawing and Illustration, Concept Sneaker Design, Honorable Mention, Peter Kosciukiewicz

Marissa Stone, Drawing and Illustration, Common Objects, Gold Key, Peter Kosciukiewicz

Molyna Tep, Painting, Common Object Realism Painting, Gold Key, Peter Kosciukiewicz

Brianna Ogonowski, Printmaking, Surfer Girl, Gold Key, Brian Troccolo


Greene-Hills School

Crystal Cleveland, Printmaking, Painted Pony, Honorable Mention, Joseph Johnson

Giovanni Guerrera, Printmaking, Rave Lincoln, Honorable Mention, Joseph Johnson


Northeast Middle School

Nurul-Huda Abdulsalam, Drawing and Illustration, Pen and Ink Self-Portrait, Honorable Mention, Allison Chatelle

Melanie Lopez, Drawing and Illustration, Black and White Still Life, Honorable Mention, Allison Chatelle

Weronika Zatorska, Printmaking, Concert Poster, Silver Key, Allison Chatelle

Morgan Greger, Printmaking, Bird, Honorable Mention, Sarah May


West Bristol School

Jenna Ptak, Drawing and Illustration, Mob Scene, Honorable Mention, Mary Kilduff