Rep. Nicastro invites constituents to take survey

State Rep Frank Nicastro (D-Bristol) is inviting constituents in Bristol’s 79th Assembly District to participate in a survey questionnaire that has been mailed to his district or to participate on an online survey on his legislative webpage at

A press release from his office explained Nicastro is seeking the opinion of constituents on issues that may be considered during the current session of the General Assembly that convened in January.

“I want to know what issues are important to the residents in my district,” Nicastro said, the press release reported. “The opinions and concerns of my constituents are important to me, so I hope you are able to take the time to answer the survey when it arrives by mail or answer online.”

Questions in Rep. Nicastro’s current survey, among others, include:


  • What are the most serious problems facing our community?
  • What concerns you and your family the most?
  • What are your feelings on implementing tolls on our highways to pay for transit improvements?
  • What steps should the state be taking to make higher education more affordable?
  • Are there any other issues you think the state legislature should be addressing?

Nicastro is Vice Chairman of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and serves on the General Law, Public Safety and Security, and Energy and Technology Committees.