Letter: Reader thanks local vet for speaking with son

To the editor:
Hello. My family and I reside in Bristol – my 10, almost 11, year-old son is into his second semester of being homeschooled. His hope and desire for the future involves working with and helping animals, so we are exploring this area of interest and encouraging his research into the many careers that revolve around this desire.
I recently called the office of Advanced Veterinary Care located on the Bristol/ Farmington line to inquire about having my son speak with one of the doctors. Dr. Ashley Kelley agreed to meet my son during her lunch hour for a Q & A and tour of the office.
He got to hear a dog’s heartbeat, witness a dental cleaning in process, view X-rays of animals, and meet the local resident animals in the office. My son asked the doctor 10 questions that included how many years of schooling did she have and what was the most fulfilling aspect of working with animals. He learned about animal anatomy and how similar some animal’s anatomy is like our own. Different breeds of animals were discussed as well. My son felt like he was on the red carpet and learned so much. I cannot express all of the gratitude I have for this doctor and office giving my son a hand’s on education in the veterinary field.
Maryellen Freeze
Bristolltr freeze