Housing authority announces resolution to feral cat problem

The Bristol Housing Authority announced in a press release it has found a resolution that addresses the feral cat population at its Bonnie Acres property.

“Since concerns from residents and the community over the feral cat population were made known, BHA began working closely with Southington cat rescuer, Lisa Cyr, to find a safe and humane method to catch and rehabilitate the cats. The last two months have proved highly effective, as Ms. Cyr has been able to successfully catch, neuter or spay, and vaccinate all but two felines,” said the press release.

“Ms. Cyr’s efforts to take care of these animals have been extraordinary,” said Mitzy Rowe, CEO of Bristol Housing Authority in a press release. “It was disappointing that some people believed we lacked empathy to the plight of these animals. So many of us here at BHA have rescued countless abandoned animals on our property, in many cases taking them into our own personal households.”

In addition to working with Cyr, the news release said the BHA held several meetings with its residents to educate and inform them about the “trap, neuter, and release” program.  “For this program to be successful, it was vital that the community understand why they cannot leave food out for these animals,” said Rowe in the press release.

Seven cats are considered true feral cats, said the news release. To accommodate these animals, the release said Cyr has set up two feeding stations and 12 shelters along the property, behind the tree line. The cats are being cared for and fed thanks in part to donations from Pet Supplies Plus and BHA, which contributed more than $3,500 for food and equipment, but Cyr admits, the press release said, she can always use additional supplies from the community.

The news release said Cyr is currently looking for homes for eight of the cats, one of which is a healthy Siberian breed considered to be a rare breed in the U.S. This particular breed typically commands a premium price tag, the release said, as they are known to be great family pets and hypoallergenic, a plus for allergy sufferers. There is an adoption fee and those interested in adopting should contact Cyr directly at (860)681-4304.

“We are thankful to Ms. Cyr for her commitment to rescuing these cats and finding them homes,” said Rowe in the press release. “Every animal deserves a warm and loving environment to call home, and we encourage any animal lover to consider a rescue cat for adoption.”

For more information on the progress of the cats, you can visit the Bonnie Acres Cat Project Facebook page.

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  1. fredfarckle
    April 12, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    could someone tell me how to get a hold of Lisa Cyr. i live in Bristol and there are about 9 feral cats in my area. i think someone might be poisoning them because we have found two dead cats and two dead possums and the last five months. i will gladly donate to her cause if she can take these cats out of this area. i have no idea where she trapped the ones you mentioned but i would like to talk to her about trapping the ones on my street.
    thanks for your time

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