Letters: City’s officer of the year says thank you

To the editor:
I would like to thank the Exchange Club for sponsoring this year’s Police Officer of the Year Dinner, and all the people who came out and supported it. It was a fantastic night and showed what community is all about.
I was truly humbled to receive this honor, as I love my job as a school resource officer at my alma mater, Bristol Eastern High School, and consider it an honor to go to work there every day in a job that defines community policing.
I would like to thank my fellow officers, friends, and family for their support, and also give special thanks to BEHS principal Carly Fortin and vice principals Mike Higgins and Debra Tager for the morning pep rally and involving the school in the festivities. As I said in my remarks at the Exchange Club, we have worked hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students.  This was just one example of the school spirit that exists.
At the dinner, a 50/50 raffle was done for Peter’s Pocket and $420 was in the kitty, with $420 to go to the winner. I would like to thank Board of Education member Karen Hintz for donating her winnings back to the fund. This will help feed hundreds of children who can’t afford the reduced lunch fee or have other food security issues. I am also sharing the generosity shown that night with Officer George Franek, the SRO at Bristol Central High school to also be used there as needed.
Congratulations also to Allie McMahon and Justin Seymour, who were honored as the Police Explorers of the Year.
Peter Sassu
Bristol Police Department

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