Bristol police investigate heroin overdose deaths

The Bristol Police Department is investigating three separate heroin overdose deaths that took place in the city within a four-day span.

According to a press release from the Bristol Police Department, it is possible that the heroin being sold could be from a “bad batch.” But at this time, no correlation has been determined regarding these deaths, the release said.

At one of the scenes police found heroin packaging stamped with the likeness of President Ronald Reagan as well as the name Reagan stamped below it in red ink, the release said. Although this stamp can be connected to this overdose, it is not unusual for a batch to be distributed with multiple stamps, the release said.

In an effort to reduce fatalities from opioid overdoses this month, the Bristol Police Department deployed a Naloxone (Narcan) program, the release said. Officers with First Responder responsibilities have been trained in the use of Naloxone, which is now part of an officer’s medical equipment, the release said.

The police department’s Narcotic Division is working with regional drug enforcement agencies on the investigation into the deaths. Anyone with information is asked to call the Bristol Police Department at (860) 584-3051.