Chippens Hill music students visit Capitol

Sen. Henri Martin, Rep. Whit Betts, and Rep. Frank Nicastro on Apr. 7 welcomed student musicians from Chippens Hill Middle School to the State Capitol. The students visited the Capitol to raise awareness about the value of music education. Front row, from the left, Rosalie Arre, McKenna Duval, Delaney Campisano, Abbie Grant-Christie, Sarah Doyle, Isabel Petrus, Luke Ashworth, Cory Ouellette. Back row from the left, Sen. Martin, Paul Kjornrattanawanich, Trevor Caron, Tristen Mahoney, Rep. Betts, Keila Parkinson, Rep. Nicastro, Jia Xin Lin, Jazmin Vazquez, Krystal Santiago, Ashleigh Norton, Rebecca Bender, Sara Stadnicki, Noah Piazza, Priya Aggarwal, Haley Riley, and Janelle D’Emanuele.MartinApr7chmsnew