Frontier, iHeart team up to encourage students to sign Prom Promise

Frontier Communications Corporation and iHeart Media’s KC101, are teaming up to make sure that Connecticut kids have a safe prom season. They are challenging high school students across Connecticut to take the Prom Promise.

During prom season, KC101 will partner with Frontier and encourage its young listeners to go online to and click on the dedicated page where students can take the Prom Promise. The school with the highest percent of participants will win a $2,000 prize for their school!

The Prom Promise has become a lifesaving tradition. In essence, it’s a promise made to family, school and friends where students commit to not doing drugs or drinking and driving at prom.

The Prom Promise:

“I want to have an absolutely great time at

“my Prom and remember it forever.

“I pledge not to use alcohol or other drugs on

“prom night because I care about my friends, my

“family, and myself.

“I pledge to remain free from

“alcohol and other drugs, never drive under the

“influence or ride with an impaired driver; and I

“agree that I will always wear a seat belt.”

School Administrators need to sign their schools up by April 21, by visiting to be part of this lifesaving challenge.

Students can begin making the Prom Promise on April 24, by logging on to