City begins crack sealing program

The City of Bristol has begun its spring 2015 crack sealing program. Crack sealing is performed to extend the life of the road by preventing water from reaching below the road surface and deteriorating the base.

As part of the program the following streets are anticipated to be crack sealed:

Alder Street, Ambler Road, Anderson Avenue, Apple Road, Arbor Court, Arcadia Road, Arlene Drive, Auburn Street, Baldwin Drive, Beech Street, Belridge Road, Berkshire Drive, Bernie Avenue, Bowen Lane, Brier Road, Brightwood Road, Broadview Street, Burton Street, Carolina Road, Carpenter Avenue, Chippenwood Lane, Cold Springs Road, Colonial Road, Consolation Street, Crescent Drive, Curtiss Avenue, Curtiss Street, Daniel Road, Debra Lane, Deerfield Road, Dewey Avenue, Dewitt Drive, Douglass Road, Dwight Street, Earl Street, Eastwood Road, Eaton Road, Edrow Road, Elberta Street, Empire Way, Fair Street, Fairview Avenue, Father Crudele Drive, Felice Road, Field Street, Fisher Ridge, Forest Street, Fox Hollow Lane, Garfield Road, Gayle Drive, Georgetown Road, Glenview Drive, Grassy Road, Haig Avenue, Hardwick Road, Highview Street, Hill Street, Hillcrest Court, Hobson Avenue, Holley Road, Hoover Avenue, Hotchkiss Drive, Hungerford Alley, Ingraham Place, Ingraham Street, Jeffrey Road, Judson Avenue, Kelley Street, Kenney Street, Kimberly Lane, Knox Place, Lawson Street, Lee Street, Leominister Road, Lincoln Place, Loveland Lane, Lynn Road, Madison Drive, Martin Road, McIntosh Drive, McKinley Avenue, Meadow Street, Meadowbrook Drive, Melrose Street, Mercier Avenue, Merriman Street, Mills Street, Mines Road, Mix Street, Mt. Pleasant Street, Nicholas Court, Nicholas Drive, Norwalk Avenue, Norwood Road, Oehler Drive, Ohio Drive, Orleans Drive, Owens Way, Page Avenue, Partridge Run, Peach Tree Lane, Priscilla Lane, Putnam Street, Quince Court, Race Street, Rachel Court, Rambler Street, Redwood Drive, Reilly Place, Rich Lane, Richmond Place, Ridge Road, Robertson Street, Rosemont Street, Round Hill Road, Sherman Street, Simpkins Drive, Sims Road, Skyview Terrace, Spark Avenue, Spring Street, Stonecrest Drive, Sunnydale Avenue, Sunnyridge Drive, Sunset Drive, Thistle Lane, Timber Lane, Topview Terrace, Trout Brook Road, Twining Street, Valley Street, Valmore Road, Vantana Drive, View Street, Vine Road, Ward Street, Welch Drive, Westminister Road, Westwoods Terrace, Windsor Lane, Woodcrest Drive, Wooding Street, Wyndwood Drive, Zipp Avenue.

Some streets may be added or deleted depending upon the actual quantity of crack sealing material used.

There may be minor traffic delays during sealing activities, however the road will remain open for mail delivery, emergency vehicles, and local traffic at all times. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted as needed during sealing activities.

If you should have questions or concerns about this project, please feel free to contact Raymond Rogozinski, Assistant City Engineer at (860)584-6297.

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