Rep. Nicastro urges caution when choosing energy cos.

State Representative Frank Nicastro (D-Bristol), a member of the General Assembly’s  Energy and Technology Committee, is urging electric customers to move cautiously if they decide to purchase electricity from another competing energy company, a press release from his office reported.

“It’s been brought to my attention that electric customers in Bristol and elsewhere  have been receiving requests and offers in the mail from energy companies promising lower monthly costs if they sign up with them,” Nicastro said, according to the press release. “While legislation has been passed that makes it easier to switch to another supplier, let me suggest that electric customers should proceed with caution.”

The release said Nicastro pointed out the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has issued a draft decision requiring rate information to be disclosed on electric customer’s monthly bills and would prevent electric suppliers from offering variable rates that change daily or weekly.

“The additional protection for electric customers is a result of legislation that was introduced by our committee last year,” Nicastro said, according to the release. “There was great concern about potential deceptive plans being offered to consumers.”

In the release, Nicastro advised that electric customers contemplating switching to another provider to consider checking with PURA’s website first. That website is pura.information and the phone number is 800-827-2822. PURA provides a list of suppliers that are available for customers to consider.