Fire report for May 1

The Bristol Fire Department reported the following incidents last week.

April 17
94 Nelson Farm Rd., good intent call, other.
1001 Stafford Ave., aircraft standby.
47 Claire St., detector activation, no fire—unintentional.
40 Matthews St., lock-out.

April 18
Hardwick Rd. and Brook St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.
27 Rosemont St., gas leak (natural gas or LPG).
Summer St. and Prospect Place, unauthorized burning.
205 West Washington St., unauthorized burning.
Bristol Pizza, 287 West St., unauthorized burning.
27 Rosemont St., public service.

April 19
240 South St. Ext., hazardous condition, other.
Valero & Dixie, 228 Pine St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.
Wire & Plastic, 100 Franklin St., alarm system sounded due to malfunction.
19 Grove St., lock-in.
23 Sherman St., lock-out.
35 Newell Ave., brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire.
TD Banknorth, 414 Broad St., smoke from barbecue, tar kettle.
52 Irving St., unauthorized burning.

April 20
Bristol Technical Education Center, 431 Minor St., alarm system activation, no fire—unintentional.
83 Atkins Ave., detector activation, no fire—unintentional.
975 Willis St., smoke scare, odor of smoke.
76 Bingham St., water or steam leak.
32 Sonstrom Rd., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

April 21
132 Dorothy Rd., good intent call, other.
1020 Jerome Ave., power line down.
126 Butternut Lane, lock-out.
70 Gaylord St., unintentional transmission of alarm, other.
425 North Main St., smoke detector activation, no fire.
Lewis Road and Nancy Road, power line down.
13 Walter Place, lock-out.
Mobil on the Run, 330 Middle St., lock-out.
156 Peppermint Lane, water evacuation.
144 Curtiss St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.
126 Frederick St., unauthorized burning.
April 22
L.A. Fitness, 1379 Farmington Ave., unintentional transmission of alarm, other.
212 Louisiana Ave., lock-out.
81 Del Prado Dr., lock-in.
33 Lakeside Dr., power line down.
West Bristol School, 500 Clark Ave., assist invalid.
25 Murray Rd., power line down.

April 23
275 Summer St., power line down.
246 Stafford Ave., unauthorized burning.
40 Pierce St., chimney or flue fire, confined to chimney or flue.
31 Kelley St., power line down.

April 24
83 Meadow St., lock-out.
Home Depot, 1149 Farmington Ave., sprinkler activation, no fire—unintentional.

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