Republican legislators meet with Realtors

HARTFORD – State Senator Henri Martin, State Rep. Whit Betts, and State Representative Cara Pavalock met with local Connecticut Realtors during their annual Realtor Day at the State Capitol.

On Realtor Day, a press release from the state Republicans said, realtors from all over the state come together to meet with legislators to share their views and opinions on the issues that affect their business.

Members of CT Realtors who spoke with the legislators expressed deep concern that the current economic climate in Connecticut, and in particular, high taxes, is forcing people to sell their homes and leave this state, taking with them, their tax dollars and discretionary income which contributes to and invests in the state’s economy, said the Republican news release.

“Area realtors are rightly concerned about the economy and our state budget,” said Martin, according to the press release. “As legislators, we need to listen closely to what the professionals in this industry are telling us. The business community wants certainty, and right now, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding tax policies in Hartford.”

Martin owns Henri Martin Real Estate in Bristol.

“I appreciate the time that the realtors took to travel to Hartford and bring bills of importance to our attention,” said Pavalock, according to the press release. “As experts in the industry, their shared knowledge of the issues is important to consider in order for legislators to make informed policy decisions that ensure there is protection for home purchasers while preventing unnecessary legislation and duplication of laws. From meeting with the group, it is my understanding that although home sales are better than they were last year at this time, the average sale price has gone down. As a result there is an overall concern that Connecticut is not keeping up with the rest of the country when it comes to economic recovery.”

“I continue to hear from constituents in my district who are realtors and they are very concerned about the current economic climate in this state, and in particular, the rate at which residents are putting their houses up for sale and leaving Connecticut,” said Betts, according to the statement from the GOP. “People are frustrated and they have had it with the outrageously high taxes and cost of living so they are moving to places where their money will go farther. I share their concerns and that is why I will continue to be a strong voice in Hartford against the proposed $2 billion tax increase by the Democrat-controlled majority party.”


State Senator Henri Martin (R-Bristol), left, and State Rep. Cara Pavalock (R-Bristol) meet with Realtors on Connecticut Realtors Day at the capitol.

State Senator Henri Martin (R-Bristol), left, and State Rep. Cara Pavalock (R-Bristol) meet with Realtors on Connecticut Realtors Day at the capitol.