Letters: Veteran says thanks to those who donated

To the editor:
I would like to announce that I have successfully finished my 23rd patriotic project. My friend Ed Luczkow said that a number of Bristol Eastern High School veterans asked him if he could raise money for a flag pole and Pledge of Allegiance sign and stand to be erected at the Bristol Eastern football field. He asked me if I could raise the money, I told him that if I did it for Bristol Eastern that I would also have to do it for Bristol Central High School because my wife and three children went to Bristol Central.
These will be installed in the near future. I want to thank the Flagman of America in Avon for the help and their discounts for two flagpoles and the flags. Also Mark of Signart was making the Pledge of Allegiance signs and gave me a nice discount. Total cost raised by me was $1,500.  I would like to thank the following people for their contributions. 
Bristol Central
Alumni Matt and Tracy Smith of Yarde Metals for the two flagpoles and flags.
The following people gave me donations for the signs.
Alumni Sal and Linda Marrocco in honor of her brother Al Gaidis who gave his all in Vietnam in 1970 .
Alumni Jason “Coachie” DeCarolis.
Alumni Tina, Tony, Al, Marily Cianchetti.
Bristol Eastern
Alumni Bob Montgomery – Marine veteran.
Alumni Sal and Linda Marrocco in honor of their son Ryan.
Also the donations of Greg Laviero, Ed Luczkow.
I hope the alumni and students enjoy their flag poles and Pledge of Allegiance signs.
Al “Chops” Cianchetti
Army Veteran 1965-67
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