Taking ‘All Heart’ to next level on web



The city is taking the new “All Heart” logo to the next level this summer.
Mark Walerysiak Jr., branding manager who represents the city of Bristol at the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, is working on a Bristol, Conn. web portal, which will launch this summer. The new portal will feature a streamline community events calendar, which Walerysiak said will help the public find local events more easily.
The portal, which will possibly launch in July, will become cross compatible with mobiles, tablets and other forms of technology.
“We’re working hard on having this strategy to really push the portal page out there into the community and the region as far as this being the place to go for all of your Bristol experiences,” said Walerysiak during a Bristol Development Authority (BDA) meeting held last Monday. “There’s a lot to highlight so this will be all your experiences you can have in Bristol that you can share with friends and family.”
Since the launch of “All Heart,” the new logo has been saturated in the community. From stationary to t-shirts to ball caps, the new logo has been used in a variety of merchandise items sold at community events, including the Bristol Home & Business Expo and the Pequabuck River Duck Race.
“We’ve embarked on a really interesting and exciting initiative,” said Walerysiak during his marketing committee update.
“Things like this get the community excited about being part of a culture, part of a winning team that we feel can spur…economic development.”
Walerysiak said they wanted something different generations of people in the community could be proud of. While selling the “All Heart” merchandise at local events, the city has received positive feedback from folks walking by, whether they lived in Bristol or not, said Walerysiak.
“People are remarking on not only the fact that the brand is inspiring them, but [also] it’s some thing they would buy,” said Walerysiak, adding how residents from outside Bristol also bought merchandise. “Whenever you create a logo, an identity for the city you want people to really feel proud of that and share it.”
Recently, families from all over the state who visited Bristol during the CT AAU Gymnastics Tournament held at the Bristol Boys & Girls Club, received a flier adorned with a ‘Welcome to Bristol’ message. The flyer, which incorporated the “All Heart” brand, included participating restaurants offering a discount of 15 percent off as well as some museums offering a discount of 20 percent off exclusively for tournament families who brought the sheet to the establishment. In addition, the flyer featured a small map to help show the families’ proximity to the participating establishment, including Barley Vine, Chili’s, and Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, among others.
Walerysiak said the plan is to take that initiative to the Giamatti Little League Center to create a “real baseball league experience,” which ties in the “All Heart” brand.
“People will hopefully have some type of signage in their establishment that will be participating with us to really spread not only the baseball fever but also the All Heart culture,” said Walerysiak. “We’re really looking to take that to the next level.”
In addition, the “All Heart Art Squad” recently formed, a group of other local artists who displayed their work in vacant storefront windows in Bristol while incorporating the city’s All Heart culture. The Art Squad is just the first of the “Heart Squads,” which are volunteer groups based categorically upon interest that people in the community can participate in to share their talents with the city while creating a spark.
Walerysiak said the Art Squad has taken on a life of its own, as a number of broadcast media picked up on the initiative since it began.
“It’s been fantastic, so we’re hoping to really push that to the next level,” said Walerysiak, adding that events will serve as the next step for that initiative. all heart logo