Ada Rios: Body, Mind, and Soul Holistic Center welcomed to city

Mayor Ken Cockayne, in a press release, welcome Ada Rios: Body, Mind, and Nutrition to Bristol. The health spa is opening its first Holistic Center in Bristol after operating a spa and retail store in West Hartford since 2012.

Ada Rios, a native of Guatemala, created a line of natural personal care products based on “Mayan Secrets” that she formulated in her own kitchen, explained the press release. More than nine years ago, she began her small business making shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, and more. She now offers over 80 products available seasonally and in special combinations for all skin types.  

Combining fruits, vegetables, minerals, and therapeutic herbs, the press release said Rios makes a line of products to feed every family member’s skin without harmful chemicals. “Everyone should be mindful of the products that we use on our bodies, just as we take care of the food that we eat,” Ada said, according to the press release. “Your body deserves the best care you can provide, and we will show you how to use all natural products to enhance your natural beauty and health.”

After distributing her products in natural food stores like Whole Foods, and selling through spas across the southern and midwestern United States, Rios decided to open a spa and retail store in West Hartford. There she saw the possibility of expanding to a more holistic approach. Using her products and her cosmetologist background, the release said Rios began offering facials to her clients. Educating herself, Rios became a Reiki master and a reflexologist in order to offer those services to her clients. She also created “pedicology and manicology” which is a more healthful approach to pedicures and manicures using reflexology, energy healing Reiki, and massage.

With this new Holistic Center in Bristol, the press release explained Ris aims to provide families with the possibility to learn new approaches to better health. By using and learning about natural personal care, beauty, and health products, people can find alternative solutions to health issues through the practices of aromatherapy, nutrition, Pilates, yoga, life coaching, meditation, integrative breathing, reflexology, and Reiki.

The news release said Ada Rios: Body, Mind, & Soul Holistic Center also will be offering workshops for professionals who are interested in learning alternative therapies to health, beauty, and nutrition to bring into the workplace. “We welcome other practitioners to come and learn about healthy products for your clients, and for your own use,” Rios said, reported the press release. “Come to the Holistic Center and learn how to live and work in a chemical-free environment. You’ll be happy you made the trip.”

To learn more about Ada Rios, visit the spa at 328 West St., call (860)973-3065, or visit