GOP challenger in 1st releases platform

In a prepared press release, Anthony (Tony) D’Amato has announced his campaign platform in which he is running as a Republican candidate for city council in the 1st Council District.

“I wish to inform the public on where I stand on some of the issues that are affecting our community. I am looking to bring my business expertise and abilities to work for the taxpayers of this city, in which I grew up in and plan to raise my family. In this turbulent economic climate, we need a candidate that knows how private enterprise and investment operates, because I currently work and have continued success in private enterprise. We need a candidate that fully understands a family’s tax obligations and what impact local legislation has on business and family. We need a candidate that is willing to help provide actual solutions to problems, period.”


In the release, D’Amato said: “I support the mayor (Ken Cockayne) in his efforts to revitalize our neighborhoods and spur new and existing growth. Continued grand list growth and economic development is the key to the long term viability and health of Bristol as a going concern.”


He said, :We must only borrow money when it’s required and when we are able to impact our growth direction in such sound investment. As long as Bristol is fiscally conservative we will continue to retain our excellent credit rating and the ability to borrow at the best rates. Conservative borrowing sends clear signals to the outside world that Bristol is fiscally sound and an excellent long term investment.”


D’Amato said, “The Depot Square parcel will ultimately become more viable if we support and invest in the ‘greater downtown’ area to increase property values which in turn, will bring up both residential and commercial rent rates. I agree with tax payer money being invested in downtown infrastructure as a way to “lend a hand” to private investment.


“I will be pushing for the sale of Memorial Boulevard School to generate tax revenue with ownership or lease of the theater wing. I am behind the city investing in the theater wing as a city cultural icon only if the remainder of the building is sold. It is my firm belief that this project is the first step in making Deport Square viable,” said D’Amato in the release.


The release quoted D’Amato as saying, “I support the Board of Education’s efforts to put children first in every decision it makes, structurally and financially. The sole mission of the Board of Education is to educate children to their maximum potential, which is the only mission in which we must be concerned.


“I believe in the notion of holding down taxes to a reasonable rate that provides citizens with a value for their money, but does not stifle long term investment in our city’s future,” said D’Amato, according to the news release.


“I firmly believe that we must maintain our city owned roads and bridges to allow for maximum economic development. Currently, we are ahead of the game and paving next year’s roads now. I will continue to support investing in the upkeep of our crucial infrastructure.”