Firefighters wear pink to highlight fight against breast cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and the Bristol Fire Department, IAFF Local 773, along with International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) affiliates across the country will be wearing pink T-shirts through-out the month in support of the fight against breast cancer.

Bristol Firefighters are authorized to wear pink T-shirts throughout the month of October. The wearing of pink T-shirts is not just a show of support for those battling breast cancer. It is also meant to serve as a reminder of how important it is to be checked for all types of cancer.

For firefighters, a press release from the Bristol fire department explained, this is a campaign that has special significance. The news release said, “Cancer not only affects our wives, mothers, grandmothers and sister, it also affects our brother and sister firefighters. Firefighters face a two to four times greater risk of contracting certain types of cancer than the general public.”

The release said, “Bristol Firefighters want those suffering from this disease to know they are not alone in their struggle. We wear pink in support of you. Think Pink.”