Rep. Pavalock tours lottery headquarters


State Rep. Cara Pavalock (R-Bristol) recently toured the Connecticut Lottery Corporation at their Rocky Hill headquarters.

Officials of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation led the lawmaker on the tour of the lottery facility, which is staffed by over 140 employees.

According to the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, a press release from Pavalock’s office said, they have a partnership with nearly 2,900 retailers who get a portion of the lottery games they sell in their stores. Every lotto retailer in the state keeps 5 percent of every ticket sold and the tickets sold in Connecticut are made with recyclable paper.

In fiscal year 2014, the press release said, the Connecticut Lottery achieved sales of $1.112 billion, returning a record $319.5 million to the state’s General Fund. Players won $668.7 million and payments to retailers were $62.08 million.

With the inclusion and establishment of KENO in the state budget passed in June, the release from Pavalock’s office said, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation believes KENO will bring in a significant amount of revenue to the state’s coffers over the next few years.


Currently, the news release said, the KENO talks are in negotiations between the state budget office and the two Native-American tribes on the language of its existing exclusive state gambling compact. The goal was for Connecticut to unveil KENO in January 2016 but as of now that date has been pushed back, said the news release.

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