Hold the water: City implements mandatory restrictions

The Mayor’s Office and the Bristol Water Department announced yesterday the city’s reservoirs have declined to below 60 percent capacity from the lack of rain and the Water department has issued mandatory water restrictions effective immediately.

“Although we were hoping for some rainfall over the past few weeks, we have not received enough to add to our reservoir levels and so our department has no other option but to issue these restrictions,” said Robert J. Longo, superintendent of the Bristol Water Department in a press release from the city.

Longo added in the press release, “Back in early September, the Bristol Water Department issued voluntary restrictions and we can’t thank the public enough for their help including many of our larger users who drastically reduced their usage including the Parks Department, Public Works, Fire Department, Board of Education, Pequabuck and Chippanee Golf Courses, ESPN, St Paul Catholic High School, and Lake Compounce.”

The Bristol Water Department in coordination with the mayor’s office is now requiring all customers to limit the amount of outside water use and requiring the public to adhere to the department’s policy on Odd / Even watering, said the city press release. Odd / Even watering allows for properties with an even street number to water on even days of the month and the same for properties with odd street numbers to water on odd days of the month. The Odd / Even watering system also applies to washing cars, watering flowers, and any other non-essential outside uses.

In 2002, the Bristol Water Department issued mandatory restrictions when reservoirs dropped to nearly 50 percent capacity, said the press release.

“We are hoping that these restrictions will be short term and although we have taken many measures to utilize all water supplies appropriately since August, it really is up to Mother Nature now,” said Longo in the press release.

Under the Bristol Water Department’s rules and regulations, the department may discontinue service if the department deems that a customer is jeopardizing the safety and integrity of the water supply.

Anyone with questions on the restrictions or the city’s water supply can contact the Bristol Water Department at (860)582-7431.

Information on the mandatory restrictions along with other ways to conserve water can also be found on the Bristol Water Department website at www.bristolwaterdept.org or on the Bristol Water Department and Mayor’s Office Facebook pages.

bristol city seal