Mum Fest committee hands out awards

On Wednesday night, the Mum Festival Committee met for the last time at the American Legion, Post 2 for a dinner. Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne was on hand to give out awards to committee members who served from 10 to 48 years on the committee.

The Mum Festival thanked him and the Republican party for their help raising over $400 with the dunk tank as they braved the cold water. The money will be donated to local soup kitchen for those in need. The committee raised about $5,000 toward the soup kitchens with their help.

In a press release, the committee said, “We wish to thank everyone who came out this year for allowing us to reach this goal. All proceeds from the festival and bingo are going to local soup kitchens. We thank you. Thanks go out to all the volunteers over the years who made this happen. The committee wishes to thank all who donated toward the Parade and Festival over the years. The committee may have ended by work is underway to keep the parade and maybe the festival together but maybe under a new name and new people doing it. Please help this happen. Your help is needed.”IMG_4269 IMG_4241