Capt. Gould takes over as city’s acting chief

For the past 21 years, Captain Brian Gould has served the Bristol Police Department, taking part in a variety of special assignments and teams, including the Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Central Region Emergency Response Team, to name a few.
Now he will take on a new role as the acting chief of police, a position he was unanimously appointed to recently by city officials. His position will take effect on Oct. 25.
Chief Tom Grimaldi announced last month he accepted the position of chief of police in Port Orange, Fla. He served the Bristol Police Department for 27 years, moving up to the rank of chief in 2012.
“This is a great police department,” said Gould, who is an alumnus of Eastern Connecticut State University. “I’m truly honored to have this opportunity.”
In 1998, Gould became a field training officer, providing hands-on training to new officers in the department. From 2000 to 2003, he was detective of the Criminal Investigations Division before serving as detective of the Narcotics Enforcement Team from 2003 to 2005. In 2005, Gould became patrol sergeant, and in 2007, became a lieutenant, serving as the “officer in charge” for the patrol division. He moved up the ranks to captain in 2012 after serving as commander for the Professional Standards and Training Division.
In addition, Gould has served on various committees, including the Bristol Police Awards Committee and the Safety Committee, where he serves as co-chairman of both.
Gould said serving the department in a variety of roles over the years has not only made him more well-rounded, but has also exposed him to working with great people in the department and the community.
“It gives me a well-rounded opportunity to lead this department,” said Gould. “Every single role in this department is an important and special role. It is great I’ve been exposed to many different people in this agency.”

Acting Police Chief Gould

Acting Police Chief Brian Gould