OMs generous to Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center

comm check presentation OMs 2015

The Older Members Association has contributed $181,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center over the past six years and since 1923 has willingly contributed over $1 million and tens of thousands of hours of labor to the club and its members. The OMs have put their hearts into the club’s mission and brought their ideas and enthusiasm for hard work and service to the Club. This year, the organization has donated $25,000 to support youth programs that operate within eight schools, at Cambridge Park, Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center, Family Center Gymnastics, and the Main Clubhouse on West Street. For over 92 years the purpose of the OMs Association has been to help youth develop and grow as well as further the aims and purpose of the Club.

In 2016 the OMs will stage the 75th annual variety show, which is the longest continuously running variety show of its kind in the USA. The show provides a great opportunity for youth of all ages to perform on stage alongside the OMs and discover their talents.

The association is looking to do even more in the future and is looking to grow its membership with individuals who feel passionate about the Club, its history and the future. Contact the club at (860)540-3142 to speak with someone about joining the OMs.