Students honored for art work; exhibit opens Sunday

The 27th annual Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards, the largest juried student art exhibition in the state, were awarded. Several Bristol students were among those selected.

The  national program honors the creative efforts of grade 7 to 12 students in public, private and parochial schools.

The top award Gold Key winners from each national region will have their art works reviewed by a blue ribbon panel of judges at the national level in March. Select national winners will be exhibited in New York City during June.

The artwork of Taylor Patnode and Jade Vigue will represent Bristol. Taylor Patnode was the recipient of a top award. Her print, titled, “The Sad Girl,” received the CAAA, Best in Show Printmaking, Group 1.

Bristol Public Schools students earned 13 awards in the 27th annual Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards competition and exhibition at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

The Bristol award winners follow:


2016 Scholastic Art Awards Recipients

Bristol Central High

Kelsea Paradis, Photography, “The End,” Honorable Mention, Leslie Fernandez

Jonathan Rindfleisch, Drawing and Illustration, “You Tell Me,” Honorable Mention, Jessica Stifel


Bristol Eastern High School

Jymijah Clayton, Mixed Media, “Untitled,” Honorable Mention, Barbara Lessard

Meghan Latimer, Ceramics and Glass, “Untitled,” Honorable Mention, Kristine Monaco

Molyna Tep, Drawing and Illustration, “Pencil Still Life,” Honorable Mention, John Morfis

James Daniels, Ceramics and Glass, “Sgraffito Platter,” Silver Key, Deb Thaler


Chippens Hill Middle School

Abigail Calfe, Drawing and Illustration, “From My Perspective,” Silver Key, Peter Kosciukiewicz

Janelle D’Emanuel, Drawing and Illustration, “Still Life,” Silver Key, Peter Kosciukiewicz

Owen Davis, Design, “Pirate’s Fan,” Honorable Mention, Peter Kosciukiewicz

Kristina Pasqua, Design, “Conceptual Sneaker Proposal, Stage:1,” Honorable Mention, Peter Kosciukiewicz


Greene-Hills School

Taylor Patnode, Printmaking, “The Sad Girl,” Gold Key, Joseph Johnson

Jade Vigue, Printmaking, “Nature’s Tears,” Gold Key, Joseph Johnson


West Bristol School

Avery Hamilton, Drawing and Illustration, “Crazy Color, “Honorable Mention, Mary Kilduff



The show will open Sunday, Jan. 17 at the Silpe Gallery, University of Hartford, West Hartford at noon.

Sunday, Jan. 31: the Connecticut Regional Celebration will be held 2 to 3:30 p.m. in the Lincoln Theater, University of Hartford, West Hartford.

The students and staff will be recognized at the March 2, Bristol Board of Education meeting.

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