Operation Traffic Box Art enters 2nd phase

The Bristol Art Squad, which began with the “Operation Storefront Art” project followed by “Operation Traffic Box Art” is looking to follow up those two endeavors with Phase II of Operation Traffic Box Art.

The Art Squad, in collaboration with the City of Bristol and Bristol Chamber of Commerce, began work to transform 21 city-owned traffic control boxes at select intersections into works of art promoting the City’s cultural assets. Now, the Art Squad is looking to finish the remaining traffic boxes by July.

To do so, the squad is holding a competition inviting all artists in Bristol and the region to vie for the right to paint one of nine remaining boxes. Artists may choose to submit applications for the following concepts (no application limit).

Indian Rock (Wolcott Road and South Street Exts.)

Historic Main Street (Main Street and Memorial Boulevard)

Page Park / Disc Golf (**small box at King and Woodland streets)

Sessions Clock Factory (East Main Street and Lincoln Avenue)

ESPN / Manufacturing (Pine Street and Redstone Road)

Downtown / Hot Air Balloons (Broad and Andrews Street)

Pine Lake / Soccer (Pine and Lincoln streets)

Giamatti Little League Center (Jerome and Maple)

Forestville Center / Railroad Station (Stafford and Washington)


Artists have until Thursday, March 31 at midnight to submit sketches for their concept(s) of choice. Sketches may be done in color or black and white.Bristol All Heart