If the Blues get a strikeout, Shepard Meadows will make out… for veterans

The Bristol Blues and Shepard Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center (SMTRC) will run a season-long fund-raiser to ensure the local riding center can continue to support veterans and residents with equine therapy sessions.

“Shepard Meadows is expanding our support to the veteran community and increasing number of local residents who are thriving in our riding programs,” said Cindy Policki, SMTRC president in a press release. “The Bristol Blues are helping us raise money by running a full-season fund-raiser based on team strikeouts. It was a great fundraiser last year and this season we hope to top $20,000 in donations.”

The local horse farm is located at 733 Hill Road, Bristol, Conn and has a variety of programs. In 2012, SMTRC teamed with the Bristol Veterans Council and the Rocky Hill Veteran’s Center to start a program that provides equine-therapy for veterans. Additionally, SMTRC continues to provide local residents therapy-focused riding activities as well as riding lessons.

“Supporting the Shepard Meadows Strikeout Club supports our veteran community because studies have found that equine therapy can assist veterans struggling with PTSD, traumatic brain injury and a variety of other challenges associated with coming home after combat tours and military service,” said Patrick Nelligan, the facility operations manager and a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, according to a press release from the organization. “We are trying to finish a roofing project on one of our riding arenas so we can operate year-round and of course serve veterans and the community with more equine-focused opportunities.”

Statistics suggest that the Bristol Blues average five strikeouts per game over a 57-game season. Supporters who sign up for the Strikeout Club will be able to donate from $1 to $5 per strikeout by agreeing to various levels of sponsorship.

Strikeout Club applications and opportunities to donate are at www.shepardmeadows.org. Questions can be referred to Carl S. Ey at carl.ey@mammothglobalpartners.com.

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