Roadwork to begin on Birch Street

The City of Bristol is scheduled to reconstruct the roadway surface in front of properties on Birch Street from Redstone Hill Road to Pine Street. Work is tentatively scheduled to start on Monday, May 9.

The work will consist of reclaiming (pulverizing) the existing roadway pavement and installing a new bituminous roadway surface and curbing. The work is being performed due to the deteriorated condition of the roadway surface. The existing horizontal and vertical alignment of the road will not be substantially altered. The sequence and scope of work will consist of the following:

Paint marks will appear on the roadway indicating location of existing public utilities within the project area. Residents with sprinkler heads located between the curb and front of concrete walk are advised to remove them from the area or contact the City Engineering Division to ensure that they will not be disturbed.

City contractor will remove curbs.

The contractor hired by the City will reclaim (pulverize) the existing roadway surface. The process crushes the existing pavement. The roadway surface will be passable and access to your property will be provided. Dust from the roadway surface may occur, however water will be applied to the surface to reduce its impact. Please note that the pulverizing equipment does cause vibration and residents are advised to relocate items within their house that may fall due to vibrations. The City reclaims roads on a yearly basis and damage associated with machine vibration is extremely rare, however residents are advised to safeguard valuable items.

The contractor will regrade and reshape the roadway surface.  The roadway will be excavated (lowered) by approximately 8 inches during construction in order to install a roadway base of reclaimed pavement or new process stone. During this period access to driveways may be temporarily reduced during daytime hours, however complete access will be provided outside construction work hours.

Mailboxes will be temporary disturbed; however they will be reset to maintain delivery of mail.  If mail is not delivered please contact the City immediately to resolve the issue.

Once the roadway base (crushed stone) is established (graded/shaped and compacted) the first layer of asphalt will be installed on the roadway surface.

New curbing will be installed on the initial pavement layer.

New driveway aprons (pavement between edge of road and front of walk) will be installed. A driveway apron will be constructed with a lip of 1.5 inches from the final course of pavement; therefore the driveway will have a 3 inch lip until the final course of pavement is installed. To reduce the 3 inch lip temporary pavement will be installed.

The lawn areas disturbed during construction will be loam and seeded.

Property owners are encouraged to water the areas to promote growth of grass.

The final course of asphalt will be applied approximately two weeks after the initial course of pavement.

Once work commences it will take approximately four weeks to complete the majority of the work (weather dependent).

Additional notification will be forthcoming if there are revisions to the proposed project scope or schedule.

For more information, contact Raymond Rogozinski, P.E. in the City Engineering Department at (860)584-6113.