OmnTV receives award from country magazine


OmnTV short for “Open Mic Night TV”, a late night Independent multi-genre music artist program being showcased on the local “NutmegTV” short for “NutmegTV Farmington Valley CT Cable Access Station, has received a program award from a German Independent Country Magazine.

The magazine: “Fair Play Country Music” presented the program with the the award: Best Radio/TV Station 2015.

The magazine “Fair Play Country Music” is an independent country artist/entertainer magazine that showcases people who generally aren’t being showcased by the main music media. This family owned magazine from Peter and Gabriela Agrikola…Neurather Strasse 23…41515 Grevenbroich, Deutchland, though promoting artist et. Al. also volunteers working for various rights be it human or animal. In the near future their volunteer work will include a hospice for children with cancer.

The award received “Best Radio/TV Station 2015” was a humbling experience being appreciated by both “OmnTV” and “Fair Play Country Music,” said a press release. This magazine and the award from overseas made OmnTV as well as NutmegTV feel that the three-plus years being aired, as a hobby, was well worth the production, said the press release. “We can’t tell you how many times the show tried to shut down only to have NutmegTV work with us to keep this show on the air. In the past three-plus years, we have introduced, interviewed, showcased and made lasting friendships with all who have made this show what it was.”

OmnTV has since shut down and will be replaced by “Kountry Korner USA,” which will showcase up and coming independent country artist from around the world.

Ron Gagnon, left, co-host, of OmnTV and Robert Getz, producer/host.

Ron Gagnon, left, co-host, of OmnTV and Robert Getz, producer/host.