Boys and Girls Club holds Recognition Dinner

The 80th annual Recognition Dinner for the Bristol Boys and Girls Club and Family Center was held recently. The following awards were distributed.

The travel teams and coaches were:

All nine Boys Travel Basketball Teams

All four Girls Travel Basketball Teams

Family Center Gymnastics competitive teams Cadet baseball teams.

All Bristol Crush Volleyball teams

The Outstanding Player Awards for each of our travel teams went to:

The Gladiator Wrestling Team

Jr. Gladiator: Rocco Barbino

Sr. Gladiator: Trent Thompson

Sr. Gladiator: Tommy Nichols

The Boys Basketball Teams

4th Grade Boys: Zaveyn Tate

5th Grade Boys : Christian Stafford

5th Grade Boys:.Jaden Green

6th Grade Boys:.Luke Foley

6th Grade Boys:.Jeremiah Tatum

7th Grade Boys:.Desmond Green

7th Grade Boys:.Tommy Lorenzetti

8th Grade Boys: Aiden Rodriguez

8th Grade Most Improved Player: Christian Davis

The Girls Basketball Teams

5th Grade Girls: Abigail Stanford

6th Grade Girls: Ciara Collins

7th Grade Girls: Cali Doyon

8th Grade Girls: Alyssa Masi

8th Grade Girls:. Jordan Ouellette

The Family Center Gymnastics Program:

Hardest Worker: Mia Caruso

Most Improved: Alison Sullivan

Most Determined: Olivia Grenier

Bristol Crush Volleyball Program MVPs:

14 U Ace High : Ashleigh Clark

14 U Silver: Abby Jones

15 U Bristol Extreme: Natasha Silva

18 U Crush Gold: Bailey Wyrebek

The David Pecevich Memorial Sportsmanship Award: Bailey Wyrebek.

Academic Success:

The Power Hour Students of the Year:

From Cambridge Park: Jeremiah Tatum

From West Street:  Jayden Medina

From Green Hills Clubhouse: Natalia Pagano

From Edgewood Clubhouse: Kyle Bernaiche

From Hubbell Clubhouse: Nadia Krieger

From Ivy Drive Clubhouse: Cameron Roy

From Lake Garda Clubhouse: Jordan Bennett

From Mountain View Clubhouse: Gabriel Phillipon

From South Side Clubhouse: Angelina Fasci

The Power Hour Students of the Month:

Emily Zarcone, Katrina Rossi, Jullian Colon, and Kamari Fentriss

Character & Leadership Standout: Jay Robinson

Healthy Lifestyles Award: Jarnielys Marrero

Gameroom Sportsmanship Award: Randy Jimenez

“Most Valuable Youth” of the Year: Adriana Rappleyea

The Keystone Club: Marlon Paltoo, DJ Green, Melissa Gerzunda, Brianna St. Onge, Emily Mitchell, Sienna Stickney, Devin & Spencer Roberge, Ke’Ana Dardin, Dyana Tovar, Kayla Platt, Nicole Truszowski, Julian Galindez, Matt Heffernan, Nick Sassu, Emilio Mercado, Staci Battle, Tiffany Rodriguez, Daneirys Rivera, and Jillian Maghini.

Teens of the Month

Marlon Paltoo (also most volunteer hours), Matt Heffernan, Skylar Yopp, Tommy Rodriguez, Julian Galindez, and Melissa Gurzenda

Youth of the Year 2016

Julian Galindez

Cambridge Park Unit most reliable, trustworthy, and dependable members: Brandon Copeland, Amiri Copeland, Bri’eja Copeland, Luis Espinoza, Tiana Espinoza, Leilani Mills, Adheledy Vargas, Dwayne Vargas, Jenny Arroyo, Jalexis Arroyo, and Javon Manso.

Robotics: Briana Parker, Gabriel Phillipon, Jay Robinson and Colin Colombo

Volunteer and Staff Recognition:

The Boys & Girls Club and Family Center staff

The Older Members Association

The Keystone Women’s Auxiliary

Board of Directors

Travel Team Coaches

Past Youth of the Year recipients:

Mark DiVenere; Maury Laviero; John Werner; Rict McCarthy; Mike Dellabianca; Hal Kilby

Technology for Teens Award:

Devon Roberge, Spencer Robere, Dejah Holley, Julian Galindez

Rex Hamilton Sportsmanship Award: Drew Fries