Christy Matthews petitions her way to Aug. 9 primary vs. Laura Bartok

Bristol activist and business student Christy Matthews has officially petitioned her way onto the ballot and forced a primary between herself and the former capitol staffer, Laura Bartok.

Since announcing her candidacy in January, Matthews has been campaigning to be the Democratic nominee in the 77th District.

A press release from her campaign said Matthews was able to attain “well beyond the 276 signatures needed to petition onto the ballot and force a primary election.”

On Aug. 9, registered Democrats in Bristol’s 77th district will vote to see whether Matthews or Bartok will run against incumbent Cara Pavalock in the general election.

“State party rules dictate that any state candidate who receives more than 15% of the delegate count during nominations, such as Ms. Matthews, automatically goes to primary. However, a caveat in rules between single and multi-town districts forced Matthews to petition on,” said a press release from Matthews’s campaign.

“We prepared for this for months but that doesn’t make the rule any less inconsistent or foolish,” said Matthews in the press release, “We need someone to fight for common sense legislation in Hartford. Government should aim not to cause headaches in your daily life, it should aim to help alleviate them.”

If elected, the release said, Matthews hopes to revise the rules and add a provision that any candidate that meets the 15% count will go to primary regardless of single or multi-town district status.

“I wish to encourage choice in the Democratic process and create pathways for more political involvement, which will inherently encourage a diversity of voices to participate,” said Matthews in the press release.

The candidate is also in support of making state and federal election days a state holiday, making it easier for voters to participate, said the release. She also cited that elections in Europe are often held during the weekend, so businesses don’t have to sacrifice a day of the work week, said Matthews.

Regardless of the process it took to get there, the release said Matthews says she is looking forward to the primary.

“The voters of Bristol get to decide who has the best ideas for the State, who will understand and represent our values in Hartford,” said Matthews in the press release. “The voters decide. Not the party elite. That, after all, is what democracy is about.”

The release said Matthews encourages anyone in the community to learn more about her campaign at For any questions, she has offered a direct line to her phone, (860) 516-8992.

Christy Matthews with her petition that secured her a primary in the 77th District against fellow Democrat Laura Bartok.

Christy Matthews with her petition that secured her a primary in the 77th District against fellow Democrat Laura Bartok.